International Student Trips

When it comes to Student Trips our official partner is:
International College Tour (ICTour).

It is a branch of International Club Tour that organizes the events and activities for International students living in Hungary. With this combination we can promise you unforgettable student budget trips and of course a whole ton of fun and memories!

Our trips are not the usual travel-siteseeing-travel boring combination. On our trips the most important is the atmosphere and the collection of best memories. We will both get acquainted with the culture and history of the visited city, aswell as the nightlife, gastronomy, beers and clubs that it has to offer.

Popular destinations during the semester:
Prague, Krakow, Amsterdam, Venice and our International Ski Trip to France

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Kiadó lakás, akacfa utca

Budapest, VII. .kerület

35 m2

87000 Ft (280 €)

Kiadó lakás, balzac utca

Budapest, XIII. .kerület

35 m2

87000 Ft (280 €)

Kiadó lakás, kavics u.

Budapest, II. .kerület

17 m2

77500 Ft (240 €)

Kiadó lakás, Garibaldi

Budapest, V. .kerület

25 m2

125 Ft (400 €)

Kiadó lakás, Király utca

Budapest, VII. .kerület

46 m2

145000 Ft (460 €)

Kiadó lakás, Stollar Béla

Budapest, V. .kerület

55 m2

63000 Ft (200 €)

Kiadó lakás, Liliom

Budapest, IX. .kerület

38 m2

130000 Ft (440 €)

Kiadó lakás, Rumbach Sebestyén Street

Budapest, VII. .kerület

31 m2

150000 Ft (485 €)

Kiadó lakás, Dembinszky utca

Budapest, VII. .kerület

78 m2

216000 Ft (720 €)